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Flight Attendant Salary ,November 2016

What is the average annual salary for Flight Attendant? How much does a Flight Attendant make? The median annual Flight Attendant salary is $70,175, as of November 30, 2016, with a range usually between $56,321–$87,018, however this

Cathay Pacific flight attendant Cockpit Scandal Video – Leaked Photos of Cathay Pacific Stewardess giving Pilot a Knobber (= Monica Lewisky gave Bill Clinton) right In the cockpit while airborne … Flight attendant gives an orally pleasurable job to a pilot aboard a

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Salary In USA By State

Aircraft maintenance technicians are responsible for adjustments, diagnostics, and repairs for aircraft engines, control mechanisms, and pneumatic & hydraulic systems. Standard required skills include the ability to find and fix problems, update know-how knowledge, dexterity, no fear

11 Highest Paying Countries for Pilots

An airline pilot is one of the most in-demand jobs currently in the world, as evidenced by the 11 highest paying countries for pilots. Becoming a pilot is no easy feat. It requires nerves of steel, as you are in

BREAKING!! B727 cargo plane crashes in Colombia, kills 5

Five flight-crew members were killed when a Boeing 727 cargo airplane operated by Aerosucre crashed minutes after takeoff. Five people were killed at a Colombian airport Tuesday after a Boeing cargo airplane operated by Aerosucre crashed minutes

10 Top Paying Jobs in Aviation

Many people wish for the glamorous lifestyle and income of a pilot. But, do pilots always wear crisp uniforms and make the big bucks? Not necessarily, according to Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at online salary database

Ashgabat International Airport Has something extra

Ashgabat International Airport , formerly known as Saparmurat Türkmenbaşy International Airport, is one of three international airports in Turkmenistan. It is located approximately 10 km (6 mi) northwest of the capital Ashgabat (Ashkhabad). The old airport, with its air

Distribution: industrial markets

For industrial market distribution the situation is more variable. Frequently the seller will have his own fleet of vehicles and may have warehousing facilities or geographically dispersed depots. An example might be a company that manufactures components

Finance and accounting

The finance director will manage the company’s cash flow, short- and long-term investments and supervise the company’s accounting and budgetary system. His job is to ensure that the company has sufficient cash to support day-to-day operations. He

Engineering functions

You need to be able to identify the various functions within an engineering company. These include both commercial and engineering aspects of the company’s operation. The commercial functions include sales, marketing, distribution, commissioning, finance and purchasing. The