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Wake Turbulence

As your aircraft is on approach, you suddenly feel it start to roll and it’s a relatively calm day. What is it? It can be wake turbulence. While wake turbulence can happen during all phases of your


Loads on Tail Plane: Where the four main forces can be satisfactorily balanced in themselves, the duty of the tail plane is merely to act as a “stand-by.” Therefore it will be set at such an angle

Conditions of level flight

Conditions of level flight When a body keeps travelling at a steady height at uniform velocity in a fixed direction, this state of steady flight is known as equilibrium. In order to do this the forces acting


As pointed out earlier, there are four elementary flight forces: Lift, Weight, Drag, and Thrust. We have already dealt with lift and drag when we considered aerofoil sections, we now look at these two forces and two

Distribution: industrial markets

For industrial market distribution the situation is more variable. Frequently the seller will have his own fleet of vehicles and may have warehousing facilities or geographically dispersed depots. An example might be a company that manufactures components

Distribution: consumer markets

For engineering companies operating in the consumer marketing field distribution can be accomplished through a variety of ways. This can include wholesalers, retailers, mail order or direct selling through the company’s own retail outlets. Some companies may

Engineering functions

You need to be able to identify the various functions within an engineering company. These include both commercial and engineering aspects of the company’s operation. The commercial functions include sales, marketing, distribution, commissioning, finance and purchasing. The

Commercial Flight Training financing Cost

How to find the maintenance for your flight training How you can manage to pay for your professional advertisement flight training A Spanish bank called BBVA offers specific flight training loans. The key points (taken from the


General: Flexible hose is used in dirigible plumbing to be gone-door to the length of parts subsequent to stationary parts in locations subject to vibration or where a colossal amount of adaptableness is needed. It can as


Before making repairs to any plane plumbing, it is important to make accurate identification of plumbing materials. Aluminum alloy or steel tubing can be identified readily by sight where it is used as the basic plumbing material.