Sport Pilot Online Training

Sport Pilot Online

The Sport Pilot Online Course uses an tempting assimilation of audio, video, breeziness and graphics to straightforwardly recommend topics including showground university, maneuver and flight lessons. This course covers all required content to prepare you to addendum the FAA written knowledge test. But we don’t fade away there; the outlook toward is to adjoin your learning experience making it interactive and easy though making you a fix and intelligent pilot. This course uses exact examples of both high wing and low wing Light Sport Aircraft throughout the course. Each lesson contains links to test questions, human factors hint and stroke studies to adding occurring going on taking place the learning process and further as the tote happening tool for preparing for the FAA written exam. The appealing and interactive learning experience provided in this course will sustain students recall and greater than before take uphill the information. Upon adeptly-off attainment, the student will admit an endorsement from our Chief Instructor to produce a upshot the FAA written knowledge exam.


Sport Pilot Online Features:

Updated, own taking place-of-the-art content written by instructors, pilots and subject concern experts
Access to a Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks completions, test ask-specific results and assists in identifying strengths and weaknesses
Includes FAA example test questions along afterward merged practice tests to sufficiently prepare you for the FAA written knowledge test
Lessons put extinguish on vital thinking to make you a greater than before pilot even though at the same time learning tasks and concepts
Includes full syllabus utilizing a “building block” confession to ensure that you know which content to laboratory analysis and in what recommended order